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When I am not busy with my orchids, I like to utilize my skills with carpentry, sheetrock, glass & concrete.  In the past, I have worked on:


    • Taken apart and re-assembled commercial size greenhouses.
    • Built custom greenhouses from scratch.
    • Designed & built custom shade tables for orchids.
    • Designed & built squirrel proof tomato cage.
    • Repaired fences & decks.
    • Replaced clapboard siding.
    • Built (& later removed) handicap ramp
    • Built raised vegetable beds.
    • Built patio from scratch.
    • Constructed water lily pond with a small water fall.
    • Yard pruning & clean-up.

    • Installed high end (CADO/Royal System) wall furniture systems.
    • Assembled (& modified) IKEA furniture.
    • Assembled & finished unpainted pine furniture.
    • Installed shades, blinds and other forms for window treatment.
    • Rebuilt banister knocked down by clumsy teens.
    • Wall/Ceiling repairs:
      • Rebuild drywalls following mold remediation.
      • Patched major holes left behind by clumsy movers.
      • Repaired water damage in ceilings & walls.
    • Glass (please refer to diagrams in files below):
      • Replace chains & rope in doublehung windows.
      • Replaced broken glass panels in doors and windows.
      • Rebuilt window frame in outside door, where burglar had broken through.
      • Reglazed antique doublehung windows.
    • Installed weathered board wall.
    • Installed floating laminate flooring.
    • Furniture repair.

 NEW:  My van is large enough to pick up & deliver IKEA cartons                 up to 8' long and 48" wide.  

               With my trailer, I have also transported a washer/dryer,                 grills, furniture, air compressors & a hydraulic press.

               Moving large items usually requires a helper.  If  home                     owner cannot assist, I will have to hire the 2nd pair of                       hands.


An example of of IKEA furniture assembly and modification.  This wall consists of 4 'Billy' book cases (2 each 15.3/4" and 31.1/2") with:

  • Larger units having IKEA glass doors added
  • Fabricating an extra deep shelf for each of the smaller units, to serve as night stands.
  • Fabricating a custom hutch straddling the bed (from another maker).
  • All components attached to each other with screws hidden by shelves, and secured to the wall.

For another member of the family, I built a display case for a beer can collection.

For such lightweight items, I produced shelves only 1/2" thick.

Here a squirrel proof tomato/vegetable cage with 2 doors.  While this version was small, these can easily be scaled up to 8'x8' or 8'x12'.


To keep out rabbits & ground hogs, chicken wire will suffice.  For squirrels & chipmunks, the finer metal cloth is required.

And finally a set of deck stairs rebullt (with improved support):

I do not undertake major construction or kitchen/bathroom renovations, but I do have the tools and skills to take care of many home repair jobs.  Please call 973-495-4863, or email TomcatHomeRepairs@aol.com to set up an appointment for a free estimate.   If possible, please email photos of the damage to be repaired in advance. 

Doublehung window diagram.pdf Doublehung window diagram.pdf
Size : 61.959 Kb
Type : pdf

This file outlines what might be involved in doublehung window repairs.

Replace glass in doors.pdf Replace glass in doors.pdf
Size : 55.22 Kb
Type : pdf

This file outlines what might be involved in replacing glass windows in doors (& built-ins).