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My beautiful, talented, and far better, Better Half.

Carolyn is stuck in Maplewood with our 3 felines, watching some weird plants growing in the garden, while I am off playing with orchids.  For those active on Maplewood On Line, please meet Tabby.


Long before the data mining issues, I decided  that the Facebook concept violates my sense of privacy.  Thus, I have shut down the profile I set up.

2021:    Open     July 10, 17 & 24                               Closed July 3rd & 31st.   

J&L Orchids Summer Sale, 7/30-8/01  This year I am participating as a guest vendor at J&L Orchids summer sale.  Address: 20 Sherwood Rd, Easton, CT.

As of January 2021, I have a reasonable inventory of Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobiums &  Vandaceous orchids.  I am bringing in a selection of Bulbophyllum & Paphiopedilum.  I have started production of 'Desert Rose' (Adenium obesum) and a few other non-orchids.  We also offer variegated forms of Agaves, Monstera, Cuban Oregano and several other genera.

I am well stocked on clear plastic pots, and azalea clay pots , net pots and Vanda baskets (6" & 8" octagonal), as well as Spaghnum and other potting mixes.   Free delivery to DCOS & NJOS meetings, and when speaking at other societies. 

REPOTTING Assistance:   I can assist with repotting of 1-3 plants on the Saturdays the greenhouse is open.  Prices depend upon size & condition of the plants, and whether I have to supply new pots or baskets.

3" & 4" pot, normally $3 each (+ pot, if needed)

6" & 8" pot, normally $5 each (+ pot, if needed)

For greater quantities, please make an appointment.

* * * * *

I was genetically imprinted on all things botanical in my fathers retailorchid/tropicals nursery.  I elected not to go into the family business full time, but have always maintained my interest and a large collection of 'this and that'.

I have grown orchids since 1968, specializing in 'slippers' (primarily Paphiopedilum), with Paph fairrieanum my favorite species, smaller Vandaceous plants (see Neofinetia falcata 'Maplewood' at right) and a sprinkling of Cattleyas (see RLC Maui's Golden Charm below), Aussie Dendrobiums & Cymbidiums.  

I do a little breeding in the first two genera, so I often have a variety of extra plants, seedlings and occasionally flasks for sale.  For more information, please go to the Orchids & Non-Orchid menus.

I have several orchid presentations available, suitable for both orchid societies and garden clubs.  For current speaking schedule, please click on Orchids, and then go to the Speaker page.

2021:  My Dendrobium Busy Bees earned a CCE/AOS (90 pts) at the June judging session.
Please see full story on the AOS awards page.

Directions to the greenhouse:

Directions with map.pdf Directions with map.pdf
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Msg to Orchid Societies:

I am available as a speaker (multiple subjects), and as a vendor in regional shows.  Please click on links above for more information.

I have written a number of articles for use in OS newsletters.  These are available in PDF format at the bottom of the Speaker page.

FO 20-21 intro.pdf FO 20-21 intro.pdf
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Under the Non-Orchids header, you will find:

  • Adenium obesum  (= Desert Rose)
  • Variegated agaves
  • Variegated foliage plants
  • Variegated 'Cuban Oregano'
  • Tropical Hibiscus (evaluation stage)

       C. loddigesii,            var. punctata,       'Pantech Marion' 

Clonal name might be spelled with a double 'r'.  New front lead divisions in 6" clay pot, $40 each.  Add $18 for USPS priority service (no shipments to CA or HI; add $10 for shipment to AK).  Temporarily sold out.

Blooming Phalaenopsis

Renting a greenhouse at Flemington Orchids, I can obviously supply blooming Phalaenopsis plants (3" & 4" pot size).  Incl. delivery to the Maplewood, Millburn & South Orange area (detailed care sheet included):

3" pot:  $20.00,                                                 2 or more $15.00 ea.

4" pot:  $25.00,                                                  2 or more $20.00 ea.

           + $3 for ceramic planter.

Please inquire for wholesale pricing.