Kim Feddersen

Fair Orchids = Kim Feddersen  -  973-495-4863

Greenhouse is open most Saturdays.  I am closed on Feb 11 (DCOS show). 

Please call or text 973-495-4863 to verify that I am there:

June to September:  10 AM to 2 PM      October to May:         11 AM to 2 PM

Directions:  213 Old Turnpike Road, Califon  (exit 24 from I78, 5.7 miles north on 517, gravel road on the left).

Potting mix:   Please pre-order, I have limited supplies at the greenhouse.

Pots, Net Pots, octagonal plasticVanda Baskets & clay pots are available at the greenhouse.

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I was genetically imprinted on all things botanical in my fathers orchid/tropicals nursery.  I elected not to go into the family business full time, but have always maintained my interest and a large collection of 'this and that'.

I have grown orchids since 1968, specializing in 'slippers' (primarily Paphiopedilum), with Paph fairrieanum my favorite species, smaller Vandaceous plants (see Neofinetia falcata 'Maplewood' at right) and a sprinkling of Cattleyas (see RLC Maui's Golden Charm below), Aussie Dendrobiums & Cymbidiums.  

I do a little breeding in the first two genera, so I often have a variety of extra plants, seedlings and occasionally flasks for sale.  For more information, please go to the Orchids & other plants menu.

I have several orchid presentations available, suitable for both orchid societies and garden clubs.  For current speaking schedule, please go to the Speaker page.


My beautiful, talented, and far better, Better Half.

Carolyn is stuck in Maplewood with our 5 felines, watching some weird plants growing in the garden, while I am off playing with orchids.  For those active on Maplewood On Line, please meet Tabby. 


House with Professional (doctor/lawyer/accountant) office for sale in Roseland, NJ

Vacation house for rent in Kissimmee, FL (near Disney).

Please contact Carolyn for details at