Fair Orchids

Variegated Agaves:

We have two types available:

Miniature Agave (I don't know which species):

These plants grow to 6-7" rosettes as mature plants.  Currently about 5" rosettes, growing in 4.1/2" clay pots.  $18 each

Caribbean Agave (Agave angustifolia ‘Marginata’)

While this Agave can grow to 6' across, you can control the size with the pot size you select.  These Agaves are currently growing in 4" pots, and the plants are about 8-12" across. 

With narrow white edge on the leaves (middle photo), the price is $15 each.

With wider white edging (some are almost pure white), prices are in $25-35 range.  Photos will be provided for selection.