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973-495-4863 or fairorchids@aol.com  -  Last updated:  July 26, 2016

I worked in my dad's orchid nursery after school & weekends for 9 years.  After many years away from these seductive plants, I caught the bug again in the mid 1990's, and my hobby/passion/compulsion was reignited.  I offer talks on several orchid subjects to orchid societies, garden clubs & Master Gardener groups.

Since 2014 I have exhibited at NJOS & DCOS shows, with the intention to do a few more events in the years to come.  I usually buy multiple plants of anything that interests me, and I raise many seedlings from flask, so I always have extras available.  If you are tired of NOID Phalaenopsis, please feel free to download my price lists to see some far more interesting options.    

Orchid Seedlings in Flasks

Any cross I have made, was made with a specific purpose.  I never breed something 'just because they were in bloom at the same time'.  My 2014 pods are due out of the lab this summer/fall.  I have extras available of the crosses shown in the price list.

Established Seedlings, NBS & BS Plants in Pots/Baskets

I have grouped related genera into individual price lists.  If you are tired of NOID Phalaenopsis, please feel free to download my price lists to see what is available.  NOTE:  I only have a few pcs of most of these plants; if you see something you might want, please do not wait too long to contact me, or it might be gone.

New England Summer Orchid Fest, June 24-25, 2016:   

          SPECIAL OFFER - Take 10% off on pre-orders placed by June 22nd (5% if CC payment).


NO shipments to CA, HI or International.

I do not know the regulations of every State, so I have to rely on buyers to help me.  If your State has restrictions on plant shipments, please do not order.  I offer no compensation for shipments delayed or confiscated by authorities.

Orders are accepted via E-mail (fairorchids@aol.com) and phone (973-495-4863), and filled in the order received/paid.  I normally ship via USPS Priority at rates shown here.  If you prefer UPS or FEDEX, additional charges apply.

Payment can be made via Paypal, credit card or personal check (shipment is held till the check clears).

Shipping & Handling:   4" pot or smaller:   $12.00/1st plant ($16.00 west of the Mississippi); $3.00 (4.00)/additional plants.

                                          5"-8" pots           :    $16.00/1st plant ($20.00 west of the Mississippi); $4.00 ($5.00)/additional plants.

                                          Larger plants quoted upon receipt of inquiry.  Plants in clay pots will normally ship bare root.

2016 flasks.pdf 2016 flasks.pdf
Size : 193.418 Kb
Type : pdf

The following 3 files will help keep your seedlings & slippers in good growth.

Growing seedlings from flask.pdf Growing seedlings from flask.pdf
Size : 1244.981 Kb
Type : pdf
FO Repotting Paphs & Phrags.pdf FO Repotting Paphs & Phrags.pdf
Size : 721.093 Kb
Type : pdf
FO The Slipper Grid.pdf FO The Slipper Grid.pdf
Size : 330.392 Kb
Type : pdf

June 2016 price lists

(Paph & Phrag Hybrids to follow in mid June)

Paph & Phrag - Species.pdf Paph & Phrag - Species.pdf
Size : 339.032 Kb
Type : pdf
Cattleya group, Species.pdf Cattleya group, Species.pdf
Size : 437.828 Kb
Type : pdf
Cattleya group, Hybrids.pdf Cattleya group, Hybrids.pdf
Size : 565.217 Kb
Type : pdf
Vandaceous, Species.pdf Vandaceous, Species.pdf
Size : 486.023 Kb
Type : pdf
Vandaceous, Hybrids.pdf Vandaceous, Hybrids.pdf
Size : 467.399 Kb
Type : pdf
Calanthe & Cymbidiums.pdf Calanthe & Cymbidiums.pdf
Size : 488.076 Kb
Type : pdf


Plastic Pots, clear & colored

Net Pots, Vanda Baskets & Wire Hangers

I carry a good quantity at the greenhouse, and can supply in moderate quantities.  Prices quoted upon request.

Potting Mix:  

Mix is expensive to ship.  If pre-ordered, I can bring to the greenhouse for pick-up, or bring to NJOS/DCOS monthly meetings.  I can supply:

Waldor Paph/Phrag mixture
Cattleya I :   2:1:1 Bark/Charcoal/Perlite, all coarse
Cattleya II:  same, with 1/2 the bark seedling size
Seedling*  :   = Cattleya I, but all seedling size

 * = This mix is also good for Miltoniopsis & Dendrobiums.

          1.0 gal bag :   $8.00
          2.5 gal bag :   $20.00  (= 3 x 1 gal bag)
          Bucket        :   $30.00  (= 5 x 1 gal bag)