Fair Orchids

Adenium obesum is a relative of Oleander, and likewise the sap is toxic.  It comes from arid regions in sub-Saharan Africaf and the Arabian peninsula, so it tolerates of high temperatures and little water.  It prefers growing in full sun, but should be protected against temperatures below 50F (10C).  Thus, in NJ it can be grown outdoors from mid May through September or likely mid-October.

I propagated traditional pink Adenium obesum for my dad some 50 years ago.  In the years since, many new color forms (and double & tripple flowers) have been developed.  With adequate greenhouse space available, I have started a collection, so I may propagate this attractive succulent, via seed, cuttings and/or grafting.

  • Young seedlings (1-3 years from BS) are available as of September 2019.  Plants are mixed colors, but most will be in the color range shown above. 
  • I have several of the rarer color forms (purple, yellow, etc.), but it will take some time before these are large enough to produce cuttings (or stem grafts). 
  • I have started a number of seed batches from select breeding (US, Thai & Taiwan).  These plants will be made available towards the end of 2020.