Fair Orchids

I planted the first day lilies in my garden about 15 years ago.  As new plant catalogs arrived each winter, I added a few more and ultimately graduated to better clones.  Pollinating a few flowers came next, and I soon realized that I had to have some more current material to work with.  

I favor bold Eye/Edge, Edge only, dark red and black flowers, but I am also somewhat intrigued by producing pure whites.  And then there are the ones I just could not resist. 

Written On The Wind (Petit, 2005) is one of the better Eye/Edge flowers. 

 At the other end of the Eye/Edge scale, we find flowers such as Triple Cherries (Petit, 2005)

One of the most intriguing Eye/Edge flowers I have is Tavye Celeste (Petit, 2008).  It is a very reluctant breeder, but I have not given up on this one yet.

James Joyce (Stamile, 2006) is one of the better black day lilies in my collection.  It can bloom darker than this photo.

From a California breeder I obtained a piece of the near white Last Snowflake (Stamile, 2006), which has been seen with up to 70 buds per scape.  It is also a very late season bloomer, which adds to the potential. 

Since one of the parents is a black flower, the fragrant Feather Trader (Petit, 2008) offers some interesting breeding potential.

Caesar's Head (Smith-FR, 2007), when the flower size (7") & budcount (30) is exceptional, I occasionally utilize other colors.   

This is an as yet unnamed clone from Falcon Gardens (Moonlight Masquerade x Cherry Candy).  Not as large as some, but a vigorous plant with bright flowers.

I have purchased a few unbloomed seedlings, where the parentage intriqued me.  Many are nondescript or flawed in some respect, but every so often a good one shows up.  Here is the best one bloomed in 2011, (Desperado Love x Black Cherry Blues) from a grower in Texas.

The most striking 2012 newcomer is the solid 6" Hot Lava (Maryott, 2007).  Seems to be a reluctant breeder, but I have a few seed pods coming along.

Golden Zelle (Smith, 2006) is another newcomer.  It is only 5.0", but the color contrast is striking. 

Here is an unnamed seedling (Meet Joe Black x Cherry Valentine).  Flower size is smallish at around 5", but the color is intense.  It is a rebloomer in NJ.