Fair Orchids

  • My inventory is constantly changing, as I rarely bring in more than 5-6 plants of any one item.  Any item listed here is subject to prior sale.  Moving forward after the December 2017 freeze, you can expect to find following plants available:
    • Cymbidium, standard, warmth tolerant and pendulous.
    • Cattleya, primarily hybrids with spotted flowers, but also some of the cool to intermediate growing species.
    • Laelia anceps and hybrids with this species.
    • Dendrobium, Aussie species & hybrids, Den nobile hybrids & other cool to intermediate growing species & hybrids.
    • Vandaceous:  Cool to intermediate growing species & hybrids.  A limited selection of intermediate growing compact sized plants. 
  • Through my association with Flemington Orchids, I can supply blooming Phalaenopsis at near wholesale pricing, if ordered in whole flats (= multiples of 12 pcs).  These plants are available in many colors, but have no name tags.  Please inquire for pricing & delivery in NJ.


NO shipments to CA, HI or International.

I do not know the regulations of every State, so I have to rely on buyers to help me.  If your State has restrictions on plant shipments, please do not order.  I offer no compensation for shipments delayed or confiscated by authorities.

Orders are accepted via E-mail (fairorchids@aol.com) and phone (973-495-4863), and filled in the order received/paid.  I normally ship via USPS Priority at rates shown here.  If you prefer UPS or FEDEX, additional charges apply.

Payment can be made via Paypal, credit card or personal check (shipment is held till the check clears).

Shipping & Handling:  4" pot or smaller:   $12.00/1st plant ($16.00 west of the Mississippi); +$3.00 (4.00) each additional plant.

                                                 5"-8" pots           :    $16.00/1st plant ($20.00 west of the Mississippi); +$4.00 ($5.00) each additional plant.

                                                 Larger plants quoted upon receipt of inquiry.  Plants in clay pots will normally ship bare root.

Orchids for Sale:

Cattleya alliance:

Laelia anceps, BS in 3.1/2" plastic pot:

   var veitchiana x var delicata                                                             $28 ea

   'Nittany Frost' x anceps (pink)                                                         $28

   'Nittany Frost' x var dawsonii                                                           $28

Cattleya seedlings in 3" plastic pot, 2-3 years to BS:                $15 ea

   C Walgery (briegery x walkeriana) 'Valley Isle' x self         

   C Interglossa 'Exotic Orchids' x self                                       

   Rlc (Maui Spots 'Orange Glory' x Mauil Sunspots 'Exotic Orchids')

Cattleya w spotted flowers, in 3.1/2" plastic pot, NBS: 

   (C Cantagalo 'Floralia Spots' x Rlc Sunspots 'Valley Isle')           $24 ea

   (Rlc Sunspots 'Pauwela' x Rlc Penny's Polka Dot 'Valley Isle')   $24

   C Pauwela Polka Dots 'Exotic Orchids'                                            $28

Epidendrum porpax:

   'Dee's Gift', standard color form, mounted                                     $32 ea

   variety alba, 'Green Mountain', mounted                                        $36 ea

Ascocentrums (now reclassified as Vandas):

   V ampullacea, NBS, in 3" net pot w spaghnum, dark pink     $20 ea

   V aurantiaca, NBS, in 3" net pot w spaghnum, orange/red    $20

   V christensonia, BS, in 3" net pot w spaghnum, white/pink  $30

   V curvifolia, BS, in net pot with spaghnum, orange/red          $32

Cymbidium, BS plants:

   Cym Dorothy Stockstill 'Forgotten Fruit,

   Compact, pendulous, can set 2-3 spikes per lead                       $32-40

   Cym Spark Sprite 'Sparky',

   Miniature, upright/arching, spotted flowers                                   $35 

Plastic Pots, clear & colored; Net Pots, Vanda Baskets & Wire Hangers:   I  can supply in moderate quantities.  Prices quoted upon request.

Potting Mix:  Mix is expensive to ship.  Free delivery to NJOS/DCOS monthly meetings, and when speaking at other societies.  I can supply:

Cymbidium:   3:2:1:1 Chunky peat/Composted Manure/                                  Bark/Perlite
Cattleya I :        2:1:1 Bark/Charcoal/Perlite, all coarse
Cattleya II:        same, with 1/2 the bark seedling size
Seedling*  :   = Cattleya I, but all seedling size
 * = This mix is also good for Miltoniopsis & Dendrobiums.

          1.0 gal bag :   $8.00
          2.5 gal bag :   $20.00  (= 3 x 1 gal bag)
          Bucket        :   $30.00  (= 5 x 1 gal bag)

Chilean Spagnum:

Nom. 5 kg (11 lb) bale:             1/1 bale        $50

                                                   +/-1/2 bale       $30

                                                   +/-1/4 bale       $20

Fertilizer:         Nutricote 13:11:11 w micronutrients

        Slow release for                           8 oz bag:   $6.00

        topdressing Cymbidium          16 oz bag:   $10.00