Fair Orchids

Vanda lamellata, var boxallii (albescent form), 
'Akhtar Noel' HCC/AOS (79 pts)

This is the plant that I didn't want to buy.  However, the Thai vendor who had already sold me about 50 plants insisted that I take one of these also.  A few years alter it bloomed very well, and received the high HCC.

I have a blooming size division, which decided to produce a terminal spike.  I am still waiting for that plant to start a keiki, since the original stem will grow no further.

KGF photo

Renanthera Kalsom 'Red Dragon'
HCC/AOS (78 pts)

I got this plant from Kawamoto Orchids at one of the last GNY shows.  I promised Les Kawamoto to take the plant to judging some day.  When I finally got around to doing it, it was awarded.

This is a fairly large growing hybrid.  I have cut it down once already, but the plant is about 7' tall again.  However, it blooms reliably 3 times a year, so it is worth having.

KGF photo.

Cattleya amethystoglossa (4N),
'Akhtar' AM/AOS (82 pts)

This was a fairly expensive seedling, which I got from Ruben in FL.  I took it to judging when it bloomed from two mature growths, and it earned an AM.

AOS photo.

Aerides rubescens 
'Maplewood' AM/AOS (80 pts)

This is from a sib cross of two dark clones.  This plant bloomed with 4 spikes in 2016, and earned an AM in Stamford.

AOS photo.

Rhynchostylis gigantea
'Peach Kisses' HCC/AOS (79.44 pts)

This plant was purchased as an alba, but a couple of them are pale cream with a rose or peach overlay, which is a color form not previously awarded.
This plant was awarded in Dec 2015.  I have another with larger flowers, which I could not take in for judging due to some mechanical damage.  However, it will be shown at the first opportunity.

AOS photo

Paphiopedilum Topaz Magic
'Maplewood' HCC/AOS (77 pts)

This hybrid has Paph helenae as a grand parent, and it blooms on fans that are only 8-9" across.  

That makes it valuable for 'tea cup' breeding.  I have some 6-8 of these, with some blooming on fans as small as 4-5".

AOS photo.

Cymbidium Sweeetheart 
'Spring Pearl' AM/AOS (81 pts)

While I have a fair number of Cymbidiums in my collection, I never submitted this plant for judging.  It was awarded behind my back (pulled from my display at the North Jersey Orchid Society show in 2016).

It is due to be divided in 2017, but I have orders for at least 2 pcs already.

AOS photo

Paphiopedilum Irish Love Stone
'Maplewood' HCC/AOS (77.6 pts)

This is out of the Orchid Zone Irish Lullaby breeding lines, with Paph fairrieanum on both sides.  At this stage the fairrieanum influence is hard to see, other than the veining in the dorsal, but it remains one of my favorite types of complex Paphiopedilum.

Laelia anceps 'Pastel Fragrant' CCM/AOS (83 points)

This plant was acquired on Ebay, and it quickly became apparent that it was both very vigorous and extremely compact growing for this species.  Since it has relatively short flower spikes, it is an all-round winner.

Purchased in 2013 as a near blooming size plant, it produced 14 spikes in a 10" bulb pan in 2018.  I have since divided it, and the main piece (less than half of the original plant), is producing 9 or 10 spikes for the 2019 season.  The last division available is being donated into the Deep Cut Orchid Society Oct 6, 2018 auction.