Fair Orchids

Clivia miniata is an easy companion plant to your orchids.  It tolerates lower temperatures, and has lower light requirements (my dad used to grow Clivias under the bench with Paphiopedilum, taking them up on the bench only when they budded up).  For proper flowering, mature Clivias need virtually no water from November through January or February, and only sparse watering till the flower stems are clear of the foliage.

I currently have seedlings from several sources, mostly orange flowers, some bi-colors.  I am seeking out less common color forms, so I can produce my own seed, with expectations of high quality flowers.


Clivia miniata - I

Photo does not capture the color well, the near yellow flowers actually have a hint of peach.

It produced a few seeds from a 2021 selfing, and a lot of seeds when pollinated with a green in 2022.

This plant has just started producing pups.

Clivia minata - II

This plant was selected at the NYC farmers market.  The color is shading towards bronze, and the throat has some green.

It bloomed verylate in 2022, so I selfed it.