Fair Orchids

I continuously try my hand at hybridizing.  However, with a single greenhouse, there is a limit to how many seedlings I can raise of each cross.  Thus, I am offering other growers the opportunity to pre-order flasks (& buy seedlings once they are established).

Starting with the 2021 season, I will list information on each cross, as soon as the seed pod is sent to the lab.  Once the lab confirms that the pod holds viable seed, I will update this page accordingly.  At that point I will accept pre-orders for flasks.  Once the lab is ready to replate into final flask stage, sale of that item will close (until I can list established seedlings).

The time line for delivery of flasks is difficult to predict, as some seed germinates rapidly and other seed very slowly.  Once the replates are done, flasks should be available for shipment within 8-12 months (for a total time line of 18-30 months). 

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required with the order (check or money order preferred).

  • Balance + shipping is due prior to shipment, via PayPal (fairorchids@aol.com) or check.

I can't predict the shipping costs (USPS/FEDEX) one year out.  These also depend upon number of flasks, and whether seedlings ship in flask or deflasked.  My preference is in flask; there is a risk of flask contents getting jumbled in shipping and seedlings bruised, but it provides flexibility in terms of when you must plant out seedlings.  If you have not deflasked orchid seedlings before, please see my guide (FO, Growing Orchid Seedlings from Flask), you can download the file from 'Cultural Notes' under Orchids drop-down.

To place orders, please email the details to fairorchids@aol.com

This page will be updated every 30 days or so, as more seed pods are sent to the lab.

2021 flasking program; pre-orders are accepted as soon as the lab reports viable seed (which means that seed has started to germinate).  This page will be updated with more crosses through the end of the year.