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My beautiful, talented, and far better, Better Half.

Carolyn is stuck in North Plainfield with our 2 felines, watching some weird plants growing in the garden, while I am off playing with orchids.  For those active on Maplewood On Line, please meet Tabby.


Long before the data mining issues, I decided  that the Facebook concept violates my sense of privacy.  Thus, I have shut down the profile I set up.

Greenhouse is open for retail:

May . . . . . . . . . :   Saturday the 25th

June . . . . . . . . .:   Saturday the 29th

July . . . . . . . . . :   Saturday the 27th

August . . . . . . .:   Saturday the 24th

Dates are subject to change, in case additional orchid events are added to my calendar.   Please check back before coming to the greenhouse.

I was genetically imprinted on all things botanical in my fathers retail orchid & tropicals nursery.  I elected not to go into the family business full time, but have always maintained my interest and a large collection of 'this and that'.

I have grown orchids since 1968, specializing in 'slippers' (primarily Paphiopedilum), with Paph fairrieanum my favorite species, smaller Vandaceous plants (see Neofinetia falcata 'Maplewood' at left) and a sprinkling of Cattleyas, Aussie Dendrobiums & Cymbidiums. 

I do a little breeding in several genera, so I often have a variety of extra plants, seedlings and occasionally flasks for sale.  For more information, please go to the Orchids, Clivia miniata & Non-Orchid menus.

I have several orchid presentations available, suitable for both orchid societies and garden clubs.  For current speaking schedule, please click on Orchids, and then go to the Speaker page.

2023:  Cymbidium Carolyn Smith Bolton 'Fair Orchids' AM/AOS (82 pts) at the December juding session in Philly.  This plant requires no staking, and it often blooms twice a season (Nov/Dec, and again in March).

I sold a couple of divisions 2 years ago, so the owners can update their plant labels now. 

More divisions coming in the spring of 2024.

2021: Vanda Ambrosian Discovery 'Fair Orchids' AM/AOS (82 pts) at the May judging session in East Hanover.

2021:  Dendrobium Busy Bees 'All Alan's Fault' earned a CCE/AOS (90 pts) at the June judging session in East Hanover.

2022: Laeliocattleya Hsin Buu Lady 'Y.T.' AM/AOS earned a CCM/AOS (87 pts) at the February judging session in Philly.  Divisions available.

2022: Dendrobium Hawaii Spectacular 'Fair Orchids' HCC/AOS (76 pts) at the Pittsburgh show.

2023: Bullara Blue Ridge Sunset 'Golden Honey' AM/AOS (81 pts) at the SEPOS show.

Divisions available.

2023: Paphiopedilum Vexillarium 'Fair Orchids' AM/AOS (83 pts)

NBS & budded plants from this seed population are available.

Directions with map, rev. 2.pdf Directions with map, rev. 2.pdf
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Msg to Orchid Societies:

If your only web presence is on Facebook, I can't reach you as I can't access contact details and your calendar of events.

I am available as a speaker (on multiple subjects), either in person or via zoom; and as a vendor in regional shows.  Please click on links above for more information.

I have written a number of articles for use in OS newsletters.  These are available in PDF format at the bottom of the Speaker page.

FO 20-21 intro.pdf FO 20-21 intro.pdf
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The now defunct Piping Rock nursery sold variegated Clivia miniata from China for several years.  The source for these plants no longer exists. 

If you have off-sets, or seeds, available from any of these plants, I would be interested in hearing from you.

In addition to breeding for  variegated plants, I am importing seeds with many unusual color forms from one of the premier breeders in South Africa.  Seedlings from this program will be released for sale starting in late 2023.

Rlc. Golden Emperor 'Valley Isle' AM/AOS   

The parentage is (Horace 'Maxima' x Goldenzelle), which has produced an unusual color.  It appears to be a semi-alba at first glance, but after opening pale yellow, it matures into ivory with a spectacular purple lip.

New front lead divisions $50-75 each.  Add $18 for USPS priority service, add $10 for AK & HI.

Blooming Phalaenopsis

Renting a greenhouse at Flemington Orchid LLC, I can obviously supply blooming Phalaenopsis plants (3" & 4" pot size). 

Please inquire for pricing; wholesale pricing available for 24 pcs or more.