Fair Orchids

Adenium obesum = Desert Rose

is a relative of Oleander, and likewise the sap is toxic.  It comes from arid regions in sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian peninsula, so it is tolerant of high temperatures and little water.  It prefers growing in full sun, but should be protected against temperatures below 50F (10C).  Thus, in NJ it can be grown outdoors from mid May through September or likely mid-October.

I propagated the traditional pink Adenium obesum for my dad some 50 years ago.  In the years since, many new color forms (and double & triple flowers) have been developed.  With adequate greenhouse space available, I have started a collection, so I may propagate this attractive succulent, via seed, cuttings and/or grafting.  I have invested in both mature plants, and seeds of many color forms.

12-18 month seedlings (1 year from BS) are available as of June 2020, currently growing in 3.1/2" plastic pots.  Plants are mixed colors, but most will be in the color range shown above.  These plants are $15 each ($18 in 4"clay pot).

There will always be some variation in seed grown plants, but I keep each batch clearly identified, so we will have some idea about flowers to be expected.  I have good quantities of 4 select seed grown batches.  These plants are currently 2.1/2-4" tall (July 1st, 2020), growing in 2" pots.  I am making these available now at $10 each (or any 3 for $25):

K21    Seed from 'Phoenix'

K22   Seed from 'Noble Concubine'

K30   Seed from 'Lucknirum'

K31   Seed from 'Bondyred'

More seeds are on order from Thailand, so additional forms and colors will be available in late 2021 - including some yellows, whites (doubles & triples), and whites with pink or red picotee.

A couple of examples of the new breeding plants blooming now:

Adenium obesum 'Sun King':
Adenium obsum 'CC35':