Fair Orchids

While some Agaves can grow quite large, they usually adapt to the size of the pot or growing container.  By keeping them in smaller containers, you can control the size of the plant.

Rhapis excelsa, variegated

The standard version of this palm grows to 6-9 foot height, and thrives in fairly low light, so it is commonly used in mall plantings.

This variegated form is a miniature, and will generally stay below 24" in height.  This population is well variegated, and most of the plants are beginning to 'pup', so they are mature at 12-16" height.

Prices depend upon the number of growths in the pot:   

                                  $60 to $95 each

Coleus amboinicus, variegata

= Cuban Oregano, aka Mexican Mint, French Thyme, Indian Mint, Indian Borage, etc.

Formerly known as Plectranthus amboinicus.  This plant is neither an oregano, nor a mint, thyme or borage.  It is used as an herb in Cuba and elsewhere; however, it is strong flavored, so use it sparingly.  Or, just enjoy it as a foliage plant.
     4" pot, multi-stem plant                   $12      
     6" pot, large bushy plant                   $20