Fair Orchids

This page features some of the plants from my collection.  Some are breeding plants, some have received AOS awards, and a few are just really nice plants, which I have had for a long time.

Vanda lamellata, var boxallii 'Noel Akhtar' HCC/AOS (79 pts, 2007)

I almost did not purchase this plant.  I was buying 30 or 40 plants from a Thai vendor at the end of the GNYOS, and he insisted that I should buy one of these also (he made me an offer I could not refuse).  

It turned out to be an albescent form, with pure white background, and a superb presentation on the spike.

I will probably stem propagate it some day.  At the moment I have one single division available.

Above are two Paph In-Charm Topaz (= helenae x Pacific Shamrock).  When bred on with the yellow complex Sorcerer's Stone, you get the compact growing Paph Topaz Magic 'Maplewood' (left).

This is the best of the 8 plants I bought, and it received an HCC/AOS (77 pts) in November 2014.

This is Neofinetia falcata 'Maplewood', which is an Amami Island type sib cross, with flowers twice the size of standard N. falcata plants (the coin is a golden dollar coin).  It has not been shown to an AOS judging panel yet. 

To the right are 'Shu-Ten-Nou' and 'Beni-Komachi', magenta & pink respectively.

Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS is a cross between Neo falcata, and Renanthera imschootiana.

This beautiful little plant shows the best features of each of the parents.

Renanthera Kalsom 'Red Dragon' HCC/AOS (78 pts Dec 2014)  is a large plant, with intensely red flowers.  I have used it to pollinate Neo falcata 'Maplewood', looking for something superior to Renanetia Sunrise 'Prasong'. This pod went to the lab in November, 2014.