Do you play duplicate Bridge?  Would you like Help?


My father played tournament Whist, which he taught to my sister and myself, so we could play with our parents.  

When I started working, I found myself with a group of lunch players, who introduced me to Bridge (in Denmark = ACOL style bidding).  In the US I had a neighbor, who introduced me to a very simple form for American Standard, and eventually took me to my first duplicate session.   

I started playing regularly in 1983, found that I had an aptitude for the game, and the rest is history.  From 1987 to 1993 I typically played 6-8 sessions a week, and at any tournament I could make it to.  I accumulated a number of tournament wins and high overall placings (incl. a 4th in the Goldman Pairs and a 73% game in the finals of The Blue Ribbon Pairs).

My corporate job got in the way for a while, so I did not play for about 15 years. After a couple of years of playing only a few times a month, I am now making more time available for the game, when not occupied by my Orchid & Home Repairs activities.

I am willing to help players, who would like to improve their game, by playing and teaching at Essex Bridge Center in Livingston, NJ.  I do not discuss results during the game, but following each session played, I will make 15-30 min available to review results and discuss actions taken at the table.

I am available:

Thursday evening Open (occasionally Tuesday evening Open)

Afternoon Open games most Mondays thru Fridays

Club Session Rates:   Evening sessions      $60  (+ card fees)

                                            Afternoon sessions   $80  (+ card fees)

Tournament rates:   To be determined.

NOTE:  I am not an ACBL member in good standing, since I stopped paying dues in protest against several ACBL policies (primarily the banning of certain European bidding systems, which severely handicaps US players, when they compete in international events).