Fair Orchids

I have several hundred Cattleya seedlings, which I am growing up for evaluation.  When I find the right combination of plant vigor and flower quality, I will propagate the plant for general distribution. 

Of course, less than 1-2% meet the criteria for mass propagation.  In the meantime, those that do not quite make it, will be sold off.  These plants are not 'bad', they just do not quite justify meristem propagation.

I also maintain a collection of mother divisions of plants that are really good.  From time to time I will make divisions of such plants available.  Please check this page for such offerings.

Bc. Edna 'Summit', Mother Div.

(Brassavola nodosa x Sophronitis coccinea), select clone from the now defunct Lager & Hurrell nursery, which was located in Summit, NJ (closed in 1975).   Never meristem propagated.  Flowers open near red, and then fade through orange to yellow.  A vigorous grower, which will occasionally produce a branched spike.

BS division in net pot       $75.00

Rhynchobrassoleya Nosy Williette 'Akhtar', Mother Div.

(Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS x Brassavola nodosa), select clone.  Large flower (4"+), yellow/green with a pink stripe down the center of the lip.  Usually produces 3 flowers per spike.  Never meristem propated.

BS div. in 4" clay pot      $125.00

Rhynchobrassoleya Everything Nice 'Showtime' HCC/AOS

This is an unusual hybrid: (Rhyncholaeliocattleya Memoria Helen Brown x Brassavola perrinii). awarded in 1985.  In good growth, it can produce 9-11 flowers per spike, and it is VERY fragrant.

BS div. in clay pot:            $75.00

Laelia anceps 'Fragrant Pastel'

Division of avery compact plant, which earned me a CCM/AOS a few years ago (14 spikes in a 10" pot).  It has been virus tested, and is clean.  Aside from it being very compact, the clonal name says it all.

Single lead division:         $65.00


Rlc. Golden Emperor 'Exotic Orchids' AM/AOS, meristem

(Rlc. Goldenzelle x C. Wayndora), crossing a yellow with a white has produced a spectacular flower, which opens pale yellow, and matures as ivory.  When grown in high light, it often displays a touch of color at the tip of the petals (inherited from the  Wayndora parent).  Commonly sets 3 flowers on the spike.  This population was produced from a mother division.

Single lead, BS                $45

Double lead, BS              $65

3-4 lead, BS                     $85

C. Horace 'Maxima' AM/AOS, meristem

This is one of the most famous breeders from the last 80 years (registered in 1938).    

This pink Cattleya has superb shape, which it usually imparts to the offspring.  However, it tends to let the color from the other parent dominate, so it is still used extensively in breeding today.  Several plants are available.

Single lead, BS                   $50

Double lead (if avail.)       $75

Photo to follow

Rth. Cherry Kiss '#84', meristem

This plant produces flowers from a different breeding line.  Flowers are waxy and long lasting.

Single lead, BS                     $45


Rlc. Shinfong Luohyang 'Tan Mu Yellow' HCC/AOS, meristem

This is a yellow flower with a touch of red picotee on the lip, and a hint on the petals, from a very vigorous smaller size standard Cattleya.  These are recently repotted, and might get a little larger when fully established.

Single lead, BS                 $45