Kim & Carolyn recipes

Grav Lax (aka Cured Salmon)

Recipe is based on 1 kg = 2.2 lbs of fish.  You can use salmon or trout as you wish.  Results are best if you use 2 filets of equal size, with skin on.  You can scale it up, but extend curing time as per notes below.

2.2 lbs of fish

3 bundles of dill

4 Tsp salt, 2 Tsp sugar & 1/2 tsp black pepper

Sauce:   4 oz each of honey & Dijon mustard

               3-4 Tsp snipped dill

               1/2-1 Tsp of fresh cracked black pepper

Rinse fish under cold water and pat dry.  Rinse dill under cold water, and tear stalks off.  Use a ceramic, glass or plastic container/box, large enough for filets to lie flat, and at least 4-6" deep.  Do NOT use a metal pan.

Mix spices, and sprinkle equally on both skin & meat sides of fish.  Layer:

3/4 bundle of dill on the bottom.

1 filet, skin side down.

1 full bundle of dill 

1 filet, meat side down

3/4 bundle of dill on top.

Place in fridge under pressure.  I use 1 or 2 plastic garbage bags with cold water, at least 4" deep on top of fish.  Cure for 24-36 hours (2-3 kg, cure for 48 hours, 4-6 kg cure for 72 hours).

To serve, remove dill and slice fish thin, like smoked salmon.  Best on a fresh rye (without seeds), or a rustic type bread.  Drizzle with sauce to taste.

The cured salmon should be enjoyed fresh.  Eat within 4 days.