Fair Orchids

Pre-Ebay auction items.  

1st photo shows actual plant up for auction.  Additional photos show flowers, and/or photos of the plant from before it was divided.  Auction will open mid month, and remain open for 10 days.  Please submit bids to fairorchids@gmail.com.

  • Free pick-up at the greenhouse.
  • Flat shipping rate (USPS Priority Mail) for 1 plant to CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA & VT.
    • Items 1-3    :   $15 for the first plant    )   + $5 for each additioanl plant,
    • Item 4 only:  $20                                        )       whether won in auction, or purchased separately.

September auction, opening Sep 13th, and ending at midnight (EDT) on Sep 23rd:

Brassia Rex     'Christine' AM/AOS

Meristem.  BS plant with 1 new growth (possibly 2nd lead starting).  This is a VERY vigorous clone.  Fresh division with lots of roots, in 6" plastic pot.

Mininum opening bid:  $30.00

Current bid:

Final bid: 

Rlc. Thaksina Gold

Meristem.  BS plant in sheath; this population will bloom for the first time this upcoming season.

This clone is a small standard (does not grow huge).  This plant is in a 4" deep pot.

Minimum opening bid:  $32.00

Current bid:  

Final bid:  

Lc. Hsin Buu Lady   'Y.T.' AM/AOS

Meristem.  Here is a hybrid with the best characteristics from each of the parents (Laelia anceps x C. Wendy's Valentine).  Flowers strongly resemble L. anceps, but has the strong brilliant red color from Wendy's Valentine.

This is a young plant in a 4" clay pot,with two leads.  The larger lead has a spike with 3 buds.  Mature plants can produce 5-6 flowers on each spike.

Minimum opening bid:  $35.00

Current bid:

Final bid:  

Rhynchobrassoleya Everything Nice 'Showtime' HCC/AOS

Meristem.  Here is a very unusual hybrid (Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown x Brassavola perrinii).  It was registered in 1981 by Stewart.

This clone can produce 9-11 fragrant flowers per spike.  This plant was divided less than a year ago, so there are only 3 flowers on the spike this time.  It does grow fairly tall, but it is 'skinny' and will not take up much space.

Minimum opening bid:  $40.00

Current bid:

Final bid: