Fair Orchids

Pre-Ebay auction items.  

1st photo shows actual plant up for auction.  Additional photos show flowers, and/or photos of the plant from before it was divided.  Auction will open mid month, and remain open for 10 days.  Please submit bids to fairorchids@gmail.com.

  • Free pick-up at the greenhouse.
  • Flat $12 shipping rate (USPS Priority Mail) for 1 plant to CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA & VT.
  • + $5 for each additional plant (whether won in auction, or purchased separately).

July auction ended at midnight, EDT, on July 31st, 2020.

August auction, to open on or about Aug 15th:

Brassia Rex 'Tahoma' AM/AOS this is a division of a plant from the old Tewkesbury Orchids.  BS division (it actually set a small spike, but it fried due to the heat wave).

Minimum opening bid:

Current bid:

Paph. fairrieanum 

unbloomed BS seedling, with new groth started.  These have been hard to find in recent years; I received these about 8 months ago, and they are busy setting new growths.

Minimum opening bid:

Current bid:

Cattleya Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon' AM/AOS

This is a F2 (meristem produced from a known mother division).  Multi-growth plant, about 1 year from BS.

Minimum opening bid:

Current bid:

Rlc. San Damiano 'Halona' AM/AOS, meristem.

BS plant in sheath.  This is a super fragrant Cattleya; standard type, but not overly large.

Minimum opening bid:

Current bid:

Cym. Sweetheart 'Spring Pearl' AM/AOS, division of original awarded plant. 

Easy bloomer.  2 old bulbs with leaves and a new growth.  It is BS, but skip blooming this coming season, as it has just been repotted. 

Mininum opening bid:  $36.00

Final bid:  $39 (O.)

Laelia anceps 'Fragrant Pastel', division of the plant that received a CCM/AOS in 2018. 

Plant has been virus tested, and is clean.  It got hit with frost last fall, so leaves look 'not good', but it will quickly outgrow this.  This plant has 2 (possibly 3) new leads started.

Minimum opening bid:  $36.00

Final bid:

Rth. Pure Love 'Maplewood', a vigorous grower, large miniature or small compact, BS division in 4" clay pot, with 2 new leads.

This plant is from Fred Clarke's breeding program.  I found it at SEPOS in 2019, and grabbed it on set-up day (ahead of a buyer who wanted it for meristem propagation).

Minimum opening bid:  $34.00

Final bid:  $34 (TP)

Beallara Diane Dunn 'Mendenhall'.  BS plant in 3.1/2" pot,with 3 new leads and a spike coming from a recently mature bulb.

This plant is in a 3.1/2" plastic pot with almost pure spaghnum (Oncids do not like going dry).  It should be repotted as soon as it is done blooming.

Minimum opening bid:  24.00

Final bid: $24 (TP)